RLR’s Start With A Dream Foundation

When people ask us why we want to raise funds to start an endowment and help others, we reply,

“Because we are 100% POSITIVE and CRAZY enough to know, TOGETHER, WE CAN.”



thermometerStart With A Dream.

We launched our efforts to start an Endowment Fund in 2016.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 by April 21st, 2019 to start RLR’s Start with a Dream Scholarship Fund with the Minneapolis Foundation.

Once the fund is established, we’ll continue to build on the endowment each year in our efforts to better serve and give back to diverse and deserving inner city youth for many generations to come.


Chase After It.

To DO this, we need YOUR  help and support.

RLR is working in sponsorship with the prestigious Twin Cities youth mentorship organization, Bolder Options to establish a base fund that will be able to give back and pay it forward to Twin Cities’ deserving young scholars for years to come.  

We’re aware that in order to do the meaningful, impactful work we want to do, we have to collaborate and work together as a team in order to see and be a part of the positive changes we want to see in our community.

With YOUR support, we’ll continue to take the challenge of closing the high school achievement gap seriously and never stop living out our mission to inspire youth dream BIGGER, set goals and accomplish their own definition of success.

We’re excited to lead the next generation of leaders to become positive agents of change in their communities; today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

Run with it.

Ready to RUN with us? How YOU can help 

1.) Make your $25 online contribution NOW to RLR’s endowment fund initiative to get us closer to crushing our goal!

2.) Show us some social media love!  “Like” and follow RLR on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

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3) Rock one of our new and improved official RLR wristbands (great motivation for the gym/on your training runs/races!) after you make your minimum $10 online donation above or on our donate page.

Please continue to spread awareness about our efforts and mission -you never know who you are inspiring to dream BIGGER and accomplish what they never thought possible.

It Starts NOW, with YOU. 

Now Let’s Chase after it..and Cross THIS Finish Line TOGETHER!


Hold fast to your dreams,