Who We Are/Who We Serve



Who We Are

Along with inspiring young adults to dream bigger and chase after their passions, Run Like REL will host inclusive workshops and events with three program areas of focus; education(college bound programming,) network/career development, and health/wellness.

These three components are ones that we believe are crucial for youth ages 16-24 in this critical period of transitions and decision making.

Run Like REL will also have a scholarship opportunitues for students and community leaders.

Her vision is find unique ways to implement collaborative projects and efforts among schools and community stakeholders in order to inspire and provide valuable resources to youth in our urban communities that they may not otherwise have access to these services.

“I hope to ignite individual passions in young adults and help them achieve their dreams, in any and all aspects of their lives. I want inner city youth to acknowledge their full potential and let them know that their dreams can become a reality. Run Like REL will provide them with the resources, skills and environment to stay inspired and achieve their personal definition of success.”

How and who Run Like REL will serve

Run Like REL is committed to helping young adults on their journey of personal growth (mentally, physically, and professionally) by providing them with crucial skills and resources in order to make their dream a reality.


-Biannual 5K/10K races to promote healthy lifestyles and encouragement/support for accomplishing life/fitness goals resource allocation services

College campus tours (college administration partnerships, community/events)

Professional Career seminars and Networking events. Community engagement and public speaker events.

Fun and inspirational  fundraising events (dream board workshops spoken word, etc.) to promote healthy living in a positive and judgmental free environment in order for our young adults and community members to thrive and support one another.

Consulting for youth in their Dream/goal setting, getting them organized in their set plan of action/next steps.

An annual Scholarship fund (one scholarship a year will be awarded to a 18-24 year old to help them in their journey to accomplishing their dreams and goals.

Run Like REL believes, practices and promotes:

-Positive relationship building

– community engagement

-Serving indivisual in the community through various programs and community resources partnerships

-Personal growth(mentally, physically, spiritually)

-Network and Career development

-All around healthy lifestyle coaching

-Goal and dream setting/future action plans

Why is it called Run Like REL?

REL’s dream is to run the Boston Marathon before the age of 34.

She knows that in order to make her ultimate goal a reality, she has to be disciplined, work hard and seek resources and running mentors to help her along her journey.

“My running mentors and supporters are my rock. Without them, my dream would be dead. They motivate me to be the best I can be. They inform me about what I need to work on and the sacrifices I need to make in order to make my ultimate destination of the Boston Marathon starting…and FINISH line a reality.”

She envisions Run Like REL to be an organization that benefits underprivileged inner city young adults 18-25 with the motivation and passion to better their lives and actively pursue their dreams while giving back to the community.

The organization will hold annual fundraiser 5K/10K road race events for all supporters; from serious runners to those with a goal to complete their first road race (loud and proud fans are also encouraged to cheer on runners!)

The road races will be a large part of what Run Like REL is all about- A diverse community coming together to give back, support and inspire others in their journey to pursuing their dreams and ultimately continue to build and strengthen healthy, powerful and long-lasting relationships.

Run Like REL will also start a scholarship fund to recognize and support underprivileged young adults that actively take initiative and are serious about a specific goal or passion.

“Thank you all for believing in me and my passion to help others and chase my deepest ambitions as a runner, a fundraiser, an independent business owner, a friend, a sister and a young woman that will never give up on my dream.”

I look forward to sharing my journey and progression with you all running  forward.

I wish you all safe and happy running and goal setting in 2015 and beyond.

Hold FAST to your Dreams,



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