Our Mission


Run Like REL’s mission: To inspire young adults to dream big and chase after their wildest passions- all with a never give up attitude.

Run Like REL is an aspiring Twin Cities nonprofit organization that serves diverse inner city youth, ages 16-24, in efforts to close the high school achievement gap and higher the overall success and graduation rates among low-income students of color.

Our programming will provide dream enabling and resource allocation services that will focus on three major program areas in order to help our youth best discover, define and go after their goals and dreams.

We are Collaborative and Community-driven

Run Like REL programs and services will focus on; College Bound Programming, Network and Career Development and Health/Active Lifestyle Events. Run Like REL Will also provide Scholarships and Youth Leadership Opportunities.

We will work to close the college achievement gap among inner city students of color through inclusive and innovative programming that will encompass all three program areas of focus.

Innovative and Impactful Programming outside of the Classroom

We are committed to building and sustaining meaningful community partnerships between schools and community stakeholders in order to best support and provide valuable resources and programming to youth and their families in our Twin Cities communities.

We value serving our youth and community in the most respected and well-informed ways in order to create positive and impactful outcomes for youth, their families and our future generations of dreamers.


Hold Fast to Your Dreams.

Start With a Dream. Chase After it. Run With it.

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