Meet REL


 Ariel (REL) has a passion to inspire youth to dream BIG, set goals and achieve their own definition of success.  


Start With A Dream

Run Like REL launched in 2011 as an inspirational blog to inspire and motivate others to set bold life goals and cross running race finish lines.

In 2015, she envisioned her passions becoming her lifelong dream to inspire others to give back. RLR became her story; her voice to share her passions and encourage and motivate others to go after and accomplish their goals.



Chase After it.

As a inner city young woman of color, REL wanted to further discover opportunities to build her knowledge and leadership capacity. It wasn’t until after college that she discovered her true passions for youth development, higher education, and community engagement.

She wants Run Like REL to be her platform to give back and allow youth to share their dreams and goals. She wants to give young adults an opportunity to share their stories and get their voices heard in their communities that they may not have many opportunities to do so.

REL knew that in order to achieve her dream of helping youth further discover after their dreams, she would have to grow her knowledge and leadership capacity to take on this challenging task and make an impact among the large demographic of inner city youth and their communities.


Run With It.

“I am extremely passionate about higher education, youth development, giving back and fitness. Run Like REL has allowed me to combine all my passions into my life long purpose of inspiring young adults to dream big, chase after their wildest passions and achieve their own definition of success.”

Rel sees no limitations to the amazing possibilities and positive impact that Run Like REL will have on the lives of young adults and their communities.

Hold FAST To Your Dreams

REL grew up and currently resides in N.E. Minneapolis where she continues to dream big and chase after her passion of growing her program’s capacity to positively impact and inspire youth.

She imagines herself and many generations of inner city youth crossing many finish lines- with no limit of how many they can cross together, both now and in the future.

REL’s Passions include: nonprofits, youth development, running, coffee, yoga, dream boarding, blogging, spending time with her pup, Haley and supporting and cheering on her twin sister and running partner in life, Jessica, in all of life’s races.



One thought on “Meet REL

  1. My name is Rich Skanse (952-826-3210). I have recently taken over HR responsibilities for Douglas Corporation. We are interested in providing an opportunity for a fun event to pull Douglas employees together outside of work, have fun achieving a goal together, while supporting a good cause. I think your event may be the right fit.

    Since this will be our first even I have many questions:

    1. Cost for adults and kids
    2. Best employee sign up options
    3. Douglas tent options
    4. Do you have food or should we bring something for them.
    5. etc.

    Look forward to hearing from you. I would prefer to talk with someone if possible.

    Rich Skanse
    Douglas Corporation
    HR department


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