Passionately Plan in the Direction of Your Dreams In 2016!


All Dreamers Dream; Dream Achievers PLAN.

If there is one thing you may know about me, it’s that I dream BIG.

In order for my biggest dreams to become reality someday, smaller goals must be planned and achieved first.

Starting a nonprofit, planning an event, or simply scheduling a time to meet a friend for lunch can be stressful. I alleviate stress by planning ahead and staying as organized as possible.

I have learned a lot about best time management, organization and planning practices over the past year that have really helped me fine-tune my overall vision, mission and purpose of Run Like REL-and for my overall life.

The most important thing that I’ve learned I would say is that: Greatness and success takes time…and planning!

Accomplish Your Goals; Cross Finish Lines

Another aspect you may know (and love) about me is that I love to cross finish lines; and not just marathon ones.

I have long considered finish lines a metaphor for accomplishing any and every goal I set and strive to accomplish.

I am a big believer that in order for my dreams and goals to become successful realities, strategic planning and structured organization is crucial.

Yes, some goals may require more planning, discipline and time commitment that others, but nonetheless, they are all start with a simple idea- then comes the often challenging and long (and sometimes fun!) planning part.

My hope after you read my favorite and most important planning tips, is that you will decide to commit to being more organized next year.

I want you to plan even more amazing endeavors and adventures than you did in 2015-so we can cross more of life’s finish lines together in 2016.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

-Anatole France

Rel’s Top 3 Planning Tips

I am beyond excited to share my top three planning tips that keep me running in the direction of accomplishing my ( big and small) goals.

Many of my friends have asked me how I keep best organized when training for marathons, working full time and planning and executing all of my crazy, big and never ending Run Like REL ideas.

  1. Find YOUR Best Way

Everyone is different and we all have unique ways we prefer to keep organized.

If you haven’t found the best way for you to stay organized yet, that is OK. It took me a while to figure out that keeping a large planner/organizer works best for me to best schedule and remember my hour by hour, day by day, month by month agenda.

I encourage you to never stop looking for inspiration or finding innovative, fun ways to get organized and stay on track. You will find best practices that work for you, whether that be an online, paper, or both planning/organizational tool format.

 2Make To-Do Lists. A Lot of Them.

I am a big fan of  to-do and top priority lists. Sometimes I split my to-do lists in to categories. For example, most days I make a work to- do list, a business to- do list and a personal to- do list and then prioritize them all from most urgent/important down.

I find that this helps me break things down into more manageable chunks so I don’t get too overwhelmed.

Simply writing lists helps me sometimes because I have the tendency to think of a lot of things I need to do at once and writing things down helps me alleviate a lot of my stress about forgetting the most important to the simplest of tasks.

3. Google. Docs. Sheets. Calendar. Email.

Keeping a (pretty and inspirational) planner, making lists and organizing my events and projects via Google have all helped me better discover, define and go after my dream of making my dream of Run Like REL more and more a reality everyday.

I hope my planning tips not only help you better organize and plan your goals, but get you running in the right direction to accomplish them all, one step at at time.

Hold Fast to Your Dreams,


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4 thoughts on “Passionately Plan in the Direction of Your Dreams In 2016!

  1. Hi Ariel!

    I’ve never been much of a planner until just a few years ago. I started doing research on goal setting and the law of attraction and realized I needed to write things down and make a plan so I knew exactly what I wanted and how to get there. If you don’t have a plan it’s hard to visualize the path you need to take and to attract the right people and circumstances into your life to achieve your goals. Also, I have found as I get older, time seems to be going by much faster! Without a plan in place, months can slip by where I don’t get anything accomplished and before I know it, the end of the year is here already!

    I really love your tip on continuing to search for a way to get organized that works for you. I’ve tried all sorts of electronic tools like Asana and some other online to do list systems. I’ve tried using notes on my iPad and using my laptop with spreadsheets. What I’ve found works best for me is handwriting my goals, to do lists, and reminders in a physical planner. It appeals to me on a purely aesthetic level (I’m totally in love with pretty planners especially ones with inspirational sayings!!!) and I love the act of writing things down. I also think plans that I write with my own hand tend to stick in my mind more than if I type them out. I figured out I do better this way while studying for my masters degree!

    I used Sage’s planner last year and it worked really, really well. I loved the format and the life editing approach she uses. I will incorporate your tips for next year’s planner. Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. These are great tips. I especially like the first one about finding our best way.
    I used to get a little frustrated when so-called “tried and true” systems did not work for me. Now I enjoy experimenting and discovering more about myself in the process.
    One of the things I’ve found helpful is a wall calendar. It’s great for seeing everything I have to and want to do at a glance. I also write down all my plans and tasks in my Filofax. I love paper planners, but I’m thinking of trying Asana for my business planning in 2016 (and of course Sage’s Business Goals planner!).


  3. I’m a huge proponent of to-do lists. I keep them for everything! It’s the best way to get stuff out of my head so I can make a plan to achieve my goals. I gotta see it written out in my own handwriting. Nice tips! Thanks for being a part of the blog party. 🙂


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